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We strive to be the leading experts in the intersection between ICT and law. Our clients range from multinationals to SME’s and start-ups. We offer a range of services facilitating our customers’ compliance with national and international laws and regulations in the field of ICT and Internet. Another speciality of ours is contract law. We can deliver full service in drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts in the field of Internet and ICT.

Legal ICT is not a traditional law firm. We do not initiate or defend lawsuits but instead focus on our speciality: legal advice about Internet and ICT law. We are modern, flexible and creative, with a clear focus on delivering knowledgeable and practical advice at favourable fees.

In our experience, legal conflicts can often be avoided by well-drafted agreements, and are best resolved amicably through a fair settlement. If you need representation in court, we can refer you to several excellent attorneys.

Who is Legal ICT (ICTRecht B.V.)?

Legal ICT is a law firm specialized in Internet, ICT and intellectual property law. We provide concrete, practical and affordable legal advice and legal documents.

By cleverly utilizing ICT in our work processes, we improve efficiency, which is ultimately reflected in affordable prices. Our document generators can be used to quickly, efficiently and very affordably create a legal document tailored to your specific situation and needs. Particularly for start-ups and SME’s this provides a very cost-effective tool to professionalize their businesses and minimize legal risk. Larger enterprises can also count on us to deliver expert advice on complex issues, both national and international.


Depending on our client’s needs and preferences we can offers fixed fees, hourly invoicing and prepaid bundles. See also our fees page.

Our vision on IT-law

Because Internet technology and ICT develop so rapidly, legal advice in these areas requires a solid knowledge of both law and technology.

Legal ICT has chosen this niche of the law because we are convinced that we can offer an unique service with both our technical and legal knowledge.

Instead of long documents full of ‘legalese’ concluding with ‘it depends’, we deliver advice that is to the point, easy to understand and imbued with technical knowledge. Rest assured, you won’t have to explain us what a domain name is while the meter is running.

History of Legal ICT (and ICTRecht)

The law firm ICTRecht was established by Steven Ras in 2004. Although he initially mainly advised hosting providers and online shops, its activities quickly extended to drafting and reviewing of ICT-contracts, resolving domain name conflicts and liability issues. In 2008 Philips’s patent attorney and Intellectual Property council Arnoud Engelfriet joined ICTRecht as partner. Since then, ICTRecht became a full service ICT and internet law firm.

In the last couple of years, the firm has gone through a growth spurt and expanded to around thirty employees. Since 2010, Legal ICT has been our way to help our national and international clients work in an increasingly online world.

Legal ICT combines expertise with a practical approach. We were able to start immediately with the delivered result.

- Dutch ministry of foreign affairs

“‘A very knowledgeable and reliable partner.'”

- True