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About Legal ICT / Working at Legal ICT

Working at Legal ICT

We strive to be the leading experts in the intersection between ICT and law. We are flexible, creative and have lots of room for originality and initiative. We keep innovating. We launched an online platform for generating legal documents and spend a lot of time on internal education.

Our clients range from multinationals to SME’s and start-ups. We offer a range of services facilitating our customers’ compliance with national and international laws and regulations in the field of ICT and Internet. Another speciality of ours is contract law. We can deliver full service in drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts in the field of Internet and ICT. We have offices in Amsterdam, Groningen and soon we’ll be opening in Brussels.

Below you’ll find all our vacancies. We also accept open job applications. Send your motivation letter, CV and law school grades / references to Daphne Dekker via

Employee experiences

Kors Monster - fotocredit Leonard FäustleAs an intern i was directly included in the daily practice and was able to contribute to several interesting assignments in different legal subjects. From day one you are part of the team and you feel like you are actually contributing.
– Kors Monster – legal adviser – on his legal internship

Fay Kartner - 27-01-2017, Amsterdam, ICT Recht foto en copyright Leonard Fäustle 0615004194 info@leonardfaustle.nlFor almost every company IT is an increasingly important factor; and more and more legal issues have an IT component. It is a big advantage to gather knowledge on these subjects during an internship, no matter what legal profession you end up in!
– Fay Kartner – legal adviser – on her legal internship

Legal vacancies

  • Legal internship IT law (University Degree)
    An informal and educative internship position in the centre of Brussels. For two months you will get acquainted with all aspects of our work. As a member of our team of legal advisers, you will have the opportunity to write blog posts about various legal topics, and to join us in client meetings. Read more..
  • (Junior) legal adviser IT-law & privacy
    We are looking for a (junior) legal adviser with a special affinity with ICT and Internet. The work activities will include drafting, reviewing, and negotiating ICT contracts, and providing written and oral legal advice based on sound legal research. You will have the opportunity to specialize further into a specific area within ICT and Internet law, such as privacy and data protection, IP licensing, broadband and net neutrality, gaming, or cryptocurrency. Initiatives to engage into emerging markets are encouraged and supported. Read more…

Internship experiences

27-01-2017, Amsterdam, ICTRecht foto en copyright Leonard FäustleI soon realised that companies expect 10 years of experience straight out of law school. Lacking certain experience I looked for a challenging internship. Looking back I can recommend anyone to be an intern during or after your education.
– Jasper Jansbeken – legal adviser – on legal internship
Karen SiemersThe internship has contributed to the satisfactory conclusion of my law school education and finding work in a challenging job market. You get the chance to learn a lot on a theoretical as well as on a practical level, in exceptionally interesting parts of the law. Really worthwhile!
– Karen Siemers – legal adivser – on legal internship

It was a eye opener that during my internship i realised that law firms weren’t the only option. Legal advisory work is a much better fit for me.
– Barend Bon – auditor at the Dutch privacy autorities – on legal internship
It surprises many people when I tell them that during law school you don’t get any practical experience in the field. Internship is often not a requirement to become a master of law. Wanting to change this I chose for an internship. And there is no better place to intern when studying IT-law than at Legal ICT.
– Gosse Bijlenga – privacy consultant – on legal internship