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Klanten / True

A very knowledgeable and reliable partner.

True is a managed hostingprovider in Amsterdam that has specialized itself in delivering application infrastructures. Their focus is on critical web applications. The customer is always the starting point for True. By mapping the situation, needs and wants of the customer they develop bespoke application infrastructure. By proactively maintaining systems, the customer gets the most out of their service.

True & ICTRecht

True only has business customer. This means consumer regulations are not applicable. Business law is. Legal ICT is specialized in both kinds of law has helped True greatly by drafting general terms and conditions and service level agreements.

When True has a legal question, Legal ICT is always available for a clear and concise answer. Legal ICT is also a great partner in gathering legal information and brainstorming about legal issues.

Klanten / True

Legal ICT combines expertise with a practical approach. We were able to start immediately with the delivered result.

- Dutch ministry of foreign affairs

Legal ICT also understands the bigger picture.