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Legal advice / E-commerce

Online shops are becoming more and more popular, yet there are a lot of web shop-specific regulations they have to comply with.

Consumers are protected by law on the Internet (e-commerce) and when doing business by cell phone (c-commerce). There is, for example, a legal ‘cooling-off period’ (14 days) for any purchase made via the Internet or cell phone. During this period a customer is free to send back the product that he or she has bought and withdraw from the contract. Web shops and service providers are also subject to additional duties of care. Legal ICT would be pleased to advise you about all the different obligations you have as an online retailer.

Our dedicated portal site provides you – as an online retailer – all the information and legal products you need to launch a successful webshop.


All companies that are using cookies are obligated to have a cookie statement available for the visitors of their website. For some cookies you need consent from the website visitor before you are allowed to use them.

A disclaimer is a legal statement limiting or denying liability/responsibility or guarantees.

We can help you register, move, claim, defend and transfer domain names. We can give you legal advice about trademark/trade name rights regarding domain names as well.

General terms and conditions are necessary in order to do business in a transparent and secure way. They provide clarity to both you and your clients, preventing conflicts about uncertainties between you.

You are legally obligated to inform your clients, visitors, employees and other ‘data subjects’ clearly about which privacy-sensitive data you collect and for what purpose in a privacy policy.

  • Start-up package: Web shops

As a starting web shop you want to be sure that your business affairs are legally in order. Legal ICT offers a single legal start-up package especially for new web shops, providing you all the legal documents you need to start up your business.


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