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The rules and regulations governing ICT in healthcare are complicated and obscure. As a healthcare provider, you probably use several ICT applications, some of which on-premise and others “in the cloud”. The terms and conditions governing these applications may hold a number of surprises for you.

It is important to ensure that your general terms and conditions are tailored to the relevant healthcare services. The following points in the general terms and conditions require special attention when using or providing ICT services in/to healthcare institutions:


  • Liability. You need to make agreements on the extent of your liability for the loss of personal or other data as well as for down time.
  • Connections with other ICT services. You need to make agreements regarding who is responsible for these connections and where the relevant parties’ responsibility ends. Agreements on personal data and any leakage of privacy-sensitive data are particularly important.
  • Personal data. Your ICT Department will often store or transmit personal data, such as electronic patient and client files. It is a legal requirement to conclude a processor’s agreement with a healthcare institution. Do you actually have a processor’s agreement?
  • Continuity.  It is critical for a healthcare institution to ensure the continuous availability of its services. As a service provider, you should reiterate to your client that you are highly capable of ensuring continuous availability and should have a separate Service Level Agreement at hand so that you can set out exactly what you will do.

Legal ICT can advise you about all the legal aspects involved in providing ICT services to healthcare institutions. We stand for concrete and practical advice. Which means that you can get down to business right away. We offer advice at favourable rates. Do not hesitate to call or e-mail us for a free preliminary meeting or a prompt answer to any question you may have.


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