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Legal advice / Information technology, the law and the government

Governments are rapidly expanding their services on the Internet.

Internal processes are similarly being streamlined with advanced software and electronic tools. The government is thus becoming a more accessible and efficient party to deal with, for both the general public and business owners.

This innovation, however, poses several risks to the public authorities. Some of these include privacy risks associated with Internet databanks, access to government websites by disabled people and the reliance of ICT providers on an e-government platform. Specific legal requirements, such as those laid down in the General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’), are set to play an ever more important role as the provision of digital services increases. The specialists at Legal ICT can help you comply with the laws and regulations in all relevant areas of your ICT services, such as:

  • Reviewing your e-mail guidelines and e-mail disclaimer.
  • Dealing with the publication of personal data on the Internet.
  • Privacy in respect of (municipal) personal records databases.

Legal ICT knows which risks the provision of digital services bring about and ensures that you can focus on governmental tasks, such as optimizing your services.

As a specialist in ICT and law, Legal ICT regularly collaborates with governments and semi-government institutions on specific projects. We provide expert and practical advice for a fitting price. Legal ICT is not a law firm, which means that our services are not subject to the framework agreements that many government institutions conclude with law firms.


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