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Every organisation processes personal data, whether this is employee or customer data.

The processing of personal data can bring about many privacy-related questions, especially now that the General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’) has entered into force.

For example, is it allowed to engage a third party to process personal data without further agreements? What constitutes as a data breach and when do you have to notify the relevant supervisory authority or data subjects? Is it allowed to use customer data for other purposes (such as direct marketing) than the purpose for which the data was initially collected?

Legal ICT can help you answer these, and many other questions. Our expert legal advices are practical, describing in which ways you are allowed to process personal data and under which conditions.

In some cases, you are required to possess certain documents, or to conclude certain agreements. Legal ICT can help you draft a new document, or check documents that are already in use within your organisation.

Many organisations already process personal data in certain ways. We can help you review various methods or systems, so you can be sure that data is processed in the correct manner.




Are you using cameras to, for example, secure the property of your business? We can advise you about your camera use, explaining which obligations you have under national and privacy law.


All companies that are using cookies are obliged to have a privacy policy and cookie statement available for the visitors of their website. Legal ICT can draft these texts for you.

Legal ICT can act as your organisation’s privacy officer and helpdesk for all your questions concerning privacy and the use of personal data.

A PIA is a tool that helps you map privacy risks. It helps you document which data is going to be collected, why this is needed, how the data are going to be used and shared, and how the security of that is guaranteed. We can help you conduct a PIA.

A privacy policy informs your clients, visitors, employees and other ‘data subjects’ clearly about what privacy-sensitive data you collect and for what purpose. A privacy policy is mandatory when you process personal data. Legal ICT can draft this privacy policy for you.

It is legally required to have a data processing agreement in case personal data is processed by or on behalf of another party. Special point of attention in this agreement are security, responsibilities when dealing with data subject rights, audit rights and data breach-protocols. Legal ICT would be pleased to help you draft a new processor’s agreement, or check a current one.


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