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Legal advice / Telecommunications and IT

New services, new business opportunities and new legal risks characterize the telecommunications sector. ICTRecht is specialized in complex technological and legal issues.

Examples are as follows:

  • What is the best way to set up ringtone subscription services?
  • What are the legal consequences of Bluetooth advertising under spam legislation?
  • What terms and conditions should an ENUM application provider impose on its users?
  • Should a hosting or other provider offer virus or spam filters for the purpose of complying with its statutory duty of care?
  • What legal aspects should be arranged for a public Wi-Fi or WIMAX network?
  • Are you, as an Internet service provider, required to comply with the obligation to retain records or data retention legislation?

OPTA, the Dutch telecoms regulator, and Radiocommunications Agency Netherlands [Agentschap Telecom] stringently enforce the Telecommunications Act [Telecommunicatiewet]. In that light, we would advise you not to take any risks with your new service and to ask Legal ICT to assess your approach and the corresponding terms and conditions against the above Act.


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