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Our team / Profile Arnoud Engelfriet

Arnoud Engelfriet

General Director Legal ICT / ICTRecht

Arnoud Engelfriet is general director at Legal ICT / ICTRecht since june of 2008. He is specialized in internet law, the area he is working in since 1993. With a background in computer science he likes to focus on complex technical/legal IT issues and software licences (open source). His blog Ius mentis is one of the most popular legal blogs (about IT and law) in the Netherlands.

At Legal ICT Arnoud is also knowledge manager and in charge of our ICTRecht Academy (legal eduction). Arnoud is parttime teacher at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

Before he made the transition to Legal ICT / ICTRecht, Arnoud was employed for nine years as a patent attorney and Intellectual Property Counsel at Philips. His workfield was mainly software, IT-contracts, joint venture and partnership contracts, and patent and technology licences.

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