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Our legal services

Practical legal advice doesn’t have to be a costly bespoke affair. In many cases you can work from a standard product with a few surgical modifications.

That’s why Legal ICT offers several products: legal documents and legal factsheets. Contact us if you haven’t found an answer to your legal question on our website.

The specialized advisors at Legal ICT have many years of experience of Internet technology and its legal aspects. From a complex ICT contract to privacy on the Internet or Web 2.0 sites, Legal ICT will be pleased to provide you the guidance you need. See also our our rates and references.

Our services

  • need flexible support

    Data Protection Officer (DPO)

    Under the GDPR, your organisation may be required to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO). You may wish to hire a DPO via Legal ICT.

  • need flexible support

    IT Lawyer

    Our IT Lawyers specialise in recognising legal risks and can help your organisation to comply with applicable laws and regulations.

  • Legal advice on Brexit

    Now that the UK Parliament has rejected the withdrawal agreement which was prepared by the UK Government and the EU institutions, questions are mounting about what to expect now and which preparations may be in order. Does your organisation need legal advice on Brexit?

  • need flexible support

    Privacy expert

    Processing personal data is subject to various legal obligations, especially now that the GDPR is in full force. This can raise various legal questions for your organisation. The privacy experts at Legal ICT can answer these questions for you and help your organisation comply with the new privacy regulations.

  • Cookiecare

    For some cookies you need consent from the website visitor before you are allowed to use them, and for some cookies you do not. We can identify the different kind of cookies you are using, in order to correctly classify them.

  • Privacy Policy

    Informing data subjects is a legal requirement under the GDPR, usually met in the form of a privacy policy. Is your privacy policy compliant?

  • Notice and Takedown

    Our Notice and Takedown Advisory Service has been developed especially for web hosts, forum managers and other Internet service providers who forward client or user information. If you receive a complaint, simply forward it to us.

  • IT contracts

    A clear contract is a prerequisite for all IT projects. Legal ICT can help you draft or review your, or your client’s, IT-contracts.

  • Cloud continuity

    Want to give your customers cloud continuity or do your customers ask questions like “what if your company goes bankrupt”?

  • Website Terms of Service

    Can visitors post their own contributions on your website, such as responses to a blog or messages on a forum?

  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)

    As a webhoster, you have a duty of care to provide “good” services. A Service Level Agreement specifies which levels of service you guarantee.

  • Social media code of conduct for employees

    One single negative comment from one of your employees can have a huge impact on your reputation. Hence, why a social media code of conduct is necessary.

  • Reseller agreement

    Resellers conclude their own contracts with clients, even if the services are provided by the ultimate provider. The reseller’s clients cannot simply turn to that provider in the event of damages or other claims.

  • Register of processing activities

    Some organisations are required to maintain a register of processing activities under the General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’).

Legal advice

Legal ICT can help you draft, review or negotiate software licenses.