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Our legal services

Practical legal advice doesn’t have to be a costly bespoke affair. In many cases you can work from a standard product with a few surgical modifications.

That’s why Legal ICT offers several products: legal documents and legal factsheets. Contact us if you haven’t found an answer to your legal question on our website.

The specialized advisors at Legal ICT have many years of experience of Internet technology and its legal aspects. From a complex ICT contract to privacy on the Internet or Web 2.0 sites, Legal ICT will be pleased to provide you the guidance you need. See also our our rates and references.

Our services

  • Software patents in Europe

    Patenting software? Yes, that’s possible – although the rules are strict these days, especially in Europe but also in the USA after the Alice ruling of the Supreme Court.

  • Webshop terms and conditions

    With Legal ICT’s general terms and conditions, you can rest assured that your terms and conditions comply with all the relevant e-commerce legislation.

  • Website terms of service

    Can visitors post their own contributions on our website, such as responses to a blog or messages on a forum?

  • General partnership (VOF)

    A general partnership under Dutch law [vennootschap onder firma, hereinafter referred to as VOF], is a partnership between two or more partners.

  • Webshops

    Needless to say, as a fledgling webshop you want to ensure that your business affairs are legally in order.

  • Web design and hosting

    Ever more web designers are designing not only websites but also arranging hosting and a domain name for their clients.

  • Web designers

    As a web designer starting up a business you will need a solid legal basis to provide your services.

  • Software developers

    Being a software developer you will need a solid legal basis to provide your services.

  • Hosters

    Do you host websites or software services for clients?

  • Hosting and software

    Ever more web-hosting businesses are developing or configuring software for their clients, ranging from basic scripts to entire content management systems or websites and web applications.