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Want to give your customers cloud continuity or do your customers ask questions like "what if your company goes bankrupt"?

Future proof your cloud services so you and your customers have the certainty that systemens keep running in case of bankruptcy or other problems.

Cloud services have several specific risks: availability of data and continuity of service, security and privacy are big aspects to focus on. With back-up systems and exit arrangement certain things can be taken care of. For complete continuity a bigger solution is needed.

With a continuity arrangement, the continuity of a service is guaranteed for the user, removing the risk of down-time or the end of service. Escrow secures the source code of the service (except in doesnt give you license to use it) and the data are secured. Securing all the essential parts of the company does give continuity. For example: servers, hosting service, essential know how and expertise of employees.

> Fact sheet continuity in the cloud

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