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Our services / Contract negotiations

Do you want to negotiate a new contract with a customer or supplier? Do you have a need for a practical forward-thinking legal advisor, that not only knows the rules but also takes the interests of your company and your counterparty into account? An advisor that looks for solutions and win-win situations? Let Legal ICT help you in your contract negotiations.

A clear contract is paramount when doing IT projects. IT development is complex, and doubly so when its custom, and hard to control. Through making clear arrangements a lot of problems and conflict about for instance liability can be avoided. Here are some examples of contract negotiations:

  • procurement contracts and terms and conditions
  • IT tenders
  • cloud agreements
  • settlement agreements

Legal ICT’s legal advisors have years of experience in drafting and negotiating IT contracts. Besides our extensive legal knowledge, we also speak the language of IT. The interest of both parties is paramount and therefore we keep looking for solutions that maintain the relationship with your counterparty.


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