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Our services / Cookiecare

All companies that are using cookies are obliged to have a privacy policy and cookie statement available for the visitors of their website. It may be difficult to clearly explain the use of cookies in this statement, as the regulation regarding Google Analytics and tracking software is complex.

For some cookies you need consent from the website visitor before you are allowed to use them, and for some cookies you do not. We can identify the different kind of cookies you are using, in order to correctly classify them. After this classification, we can advise you about the best way in which you can inform your website visitors and ask for their consent.

Then we will draft a text for your website, in which we inform your website visitors about your cookie-use and ask them for consent if necessary. We translate the technical information about your cookies into a clear and compliant text, in which we inform your website visitors about which cookies your company uses and for what purpose. This way, your website visitors are correctly informed, and can be asked for their consent if necessary. After you place this text on your website, you will be cookie-compliant. This means no more worries about a fine from the supervisory authority!


  • Basic scan: € 425 (just the homepage; € 50 for every extra page)
  • Extensive scan: € 1250 (the whole webshop/website; regardless of the number of pages)


  • Identification of used cookies (on your webshop/website by you or third parties);
  • Advise about the correct implementation of the suggested adjustments on your webshop/website;
  • Drafting a new cookiestatement or the adjustment of the privacy policy.

Normally, we can provide this service within three weeks.


Send an e-mail to: or call us at: +32 (0)2 535 77 55. You can also use the form below: one of our legal advisors will get back to you very soon.



  • Your personal information will only be used to contact you as requested by you. Please read the privacy statement for more information.

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