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Create legal documents yourself / Legal document generator

Need legal documents, such as a non-disclosure agreement, EULA or privacy policy? With our interactive document generator, you can create these documents yourself.

The documents have been created for the European IT market but are legally valid worldwide. The documents have been drafted by Legal ICT, with over ten years of expertise on IT law.

Currently the following generators are available:

  • Consultancy Agreement: In this agreement, you define the rights and obligations of both the consultant and hiring company. This is crucial for a fruitful collaboration and for a clear understanding of all expectations between both parties.
  • Non-disclosure agreement(NDA): A non-disclosure agreement (NDA), also called confidentiality or secrecy agreement, enables you to work together with another party in confidence. You can for example protect negotiations in a purchase or sale, or share a concept, technology or software in confidence.
  • Online shop terms & conditions:Create terms and conditions for online shopping in line with European consumer & business law.
  • Privacy policy: A privacy policy/statement is required for any website where personal data is processed. These days, almost any website will process some form of personal data. The contact form on your website is an obvious example where personal data are processed, but the standard logs of web servers usually also contain certain data that may be related to individual persons, such as IP-addresses.
  • Data processing agreement: A data processing agreement is required by law when one party wants to outsource the processing of personal data with another party.


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