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Terms of service are necessary in order to do business in a transparent and secure way.

Whether you are a web shop owner, ICT service provider or a web developer; good general terms and conditions/terms of service are critical for every business transaction. They provide clarity to both you and your clients, preventing conflicts about uncertainties between you in this way.

Every organisation needs their own general terms and conditions/terms of service, tailored to their needs. For example:

  • ICT service providers might include clauses about support, client requests, additional work, licenses and more.
  • Web developers should pay special attention to clauses about intellectual property, completion, testing and acceptance.
  • Web shops have to comply with e-commerce law and have to include certain clauses such as the speed of their deliveries, payment possibilities and the right of return (and its exceptions).

Also, more general clauses, e.g. liability or prices and payment, need to be tailored to your business operations. We can provide you with new general terms and conditions/terms of service, or a review of your current terms.


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