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Our services / Partnership agreements

Looking to join powers with an other company? Then a clear contract is a prudent idea.

In this contract you manage the rights and duties of both parties. By writing down what you and your business partner are involved, needless conflicts are avoided when the cooperation has unforeseen effects.

Legal ICT can draft a fitting partner agreement covering different situations and eventualities. These contracts are drafted for a fixed price, so no surprises.

  • Reseller agreement: sell products or services of others in your own naam, white label or in combination with your own services (value added reselling)
  • Agent agreement: become a middle man in selling products and recieve a commission
  • Affiliate agreement: deliver potential customers and recieve a commission
  • Distribution agreement: distribute software or products to others
  • Cooperation agreement: develop or market a product, software or service together
  • Shareholder agreement and partnerships
  • Joint venture agreement: an extensive form of cooperation with a second party, possibly resulting in a new legal holding.

We gladly give you an estimate via the contact form below. Please mention what kind of agreement you would like to have drafted.


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