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Can visitors post their own contributions on your website, such as responses to a blog or messages on a forum?

Website rules and regulations laying down a number of internal rules would then not be an unnecessary luxury. By setting out clear conditions (Terms of Service) about what is and what is not permitted and when you may intervene, you will avoid lengthy discussions and legal problems.

The terms or rules for your website or service do not need to be written in complicated legalese. In fact, terms and conditions should be written in plain language to ensure that users know what to expect. Having clear rules reduces the likelihood of having to discuss whether or not something is actually prohibited. You can also limit your liability towards users and allow the addition of services or further rules.

Typical elements for website Terms of Service are as follows:

  • Should people register and what are the applicable rules? Are users allowed to create a profile for someone else, or are passwords allowed to be shared?
  • What kinds of comments are appropriate?
  • How far can one go with negative reviews or responses?
  • Are users allowed to publish third-party names or addresses on the website, or do you plan to prohibit this on account of a breach of privacy?
  • Do you intend to recover a claim from a photographer about an uploaded image from the user who published the image?
  • As the moderator, do you have the right to edit the content of responses?
  • To what extent are you liable for uploaded contributions, and when are your users liable towards you?
  • Are you allowed to adapt the functionality without any warning or are you required to consult your users first?
  • How should you amend your rules, and when should approval be sought?

A clear set of rules and regulations for your website could prevent many conflicts with your users. Generate a document tailored to your needs right now or contact us for further consultation.


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